TRIFUEL® is the only all natural Endurance, Hydration and Recovery Drink that provides all of your race day supplementation needs in a single formula. TriFuel® is a complete energy and recovery system of amino acids, electrolytes and carbohydrates. TriFuel® provides all of your energy, hydration and recovery needs and at the same time helps you focus during the critical times in your race! Each batch of TriFuel® is tested and certified to be free of any banned substances.




Because athletes and consumers are more concerned than ever about the safety of dietary supplements, BRL is taking the extra step to have TriFuel®  tested for banned substances by an independent lab to certify its line of sports nutrition products. TriFuel®  contains zero banned substances. The all-natural blend of vitamins, minerals and herbs are all recognized by the International Olympic Committee and the World Anti-Doping Agency as acceptable for international competition. Each batch of TriFuel® is tested and certified to be free of any banned substances. This ensures that when you take your test, you pass.




“There is nothing like having that huge burst of energy at mile 75 of a 102 mile ride with over 6000ft in Elevation gain…with only ENDURAFUEL in my body for the full 5 hours…….I am a fan for life! TriFuel rocks!”

– Tanya Houghton, Professional Triathlete


“I’m not one to recommend a supplement to my golfers without trying it myself, so I gave this all-in-one drink a try and was thoroughly delighted with the results. I put one of the world’s most accomplished PGA players and record-holders on it, as well as his trainer, and they absolutely loved it, noting that they could feel a phenomenal difference. It has the exact combination of everything you need for high performance: amino acids, simple sugars, a little caffeine. I like the idea of a little bit of caffeine during performance – it awakens you without being too much. Plus the drink helps you recover with no signs of fatigue or muscle soreness… and its all-natural ingredients mean I don’t have to worry about drug tests. It’s perfect as a legal, safe performance supplement for pre/post rounds and during rounds.”

– Dr Ara Suppiah, Physician to top PGA Golfers

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VO2-BOOST™ is a powerful endurance sports supplement designed to significantly increase strength, speed and power, and enhance recovery. These increases in performance and endurance are mediated by enhancing maximal oxygen uptake capacity (VO2 max), delaying fatigue, and preventing muscle damage during intense exercise. VO2-BOOST™ reduces lactic acid in the blood and increases lactate threshold. It delays muscle fatigue. VO2- BOOST is a natural blood builder that increases EPO production and promotes red blood cell production.

Ingredients include 6 powerful performance andVO2 max enhancers including rhodiola rosea, echinacea purpurea, cordyceps sinesis, quercetin, beta-alanine and catechins. Also included are red blood cell boosters, iron supplementation, and antioxidants including Alpha-Lipoic Acid and Vitamin C.






“I love your products, which have been instrumental in me achieving major breakthroughs such as breaking the Pennsylvania State Crossing Record, 3rd in a 215mile race (of all ages), and 600 miles and 40,000 ft of climbing through Death Valley in 5 days… And BTW, I turn 50 in another month. Your products are a major contributor to my successes and recovery between training and racing.”

– Coach Todd Parker

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