Nuta Olaru

World Class Runner from Boulder, CO.

Recent Race Events:

2014 Boulder Co. FIVE Miler Champion.
2014 Big Sur Int’l Marathon 2:53:15 1st Place
2014 Boston Marathon – 10th place USA Female- 2nd place Masters 2:37:29
2014 Rock ‘n’ Roll Washington DC Marathon 2:43:01 1st Place
2014 CX National USATF Championships in Boulder, CO. 1st AG
2014 USA Half Marathon Championship Houston 1:15:45 1st AG
2013 Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas Marathon 02:58:46 1st Place
2013 Rock ‘n’ Roll Denver Marathon 02:51:45 2nd Place
2013 Rock ‘n’ Roll Seattle Marathon 2:52:40 1st Place
2013 Big Sur Int’l Marathon 2:50:02 1st Place
2013 BAA Boston Marathon 2:42:57 23rd/3rd Master
2012 Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas Marathon 2:52:31 1st
2012 Fort Collins Thanksgiving Day Run (4 Miles) 21:53A 2nd
2012 Rock ‘n’ Roll St. Louis Marathon 2:49:29 1st
2012 Twin Cities Marathon/US Masters Championship 2:36/57 8th/1st
2012 Denver Rock ‘n’ Roll Half-Marathon 1:15:00A 2nd
Nuta’s impressive PR’s – Half-Marathon 1:08:59 and Marathon 2:24:33

How BRL Sports supplements works for me (User since February 2013)

“I have been introduced to BRL Sports nutrition over a year ago and I am extremely pleased with my results in 2013′. Last year I had two races, the Boston Marathon (3rd master runner) and the Big Sur International Marathon (1st Place winner overall) in less than two weeks apart. I feel like TriFuel™ formerly Endurafuel and BRL Sports supplements had a great impact on my race and recovery in those events. These products keep me focused and strong during my races, as well as in between my races.

Thank you BRL Sports for making such great and clean supplements.”