UnLock horse muscle formula

Advanced Muscle Formula For Performance Horses

We know it works and now you can use Un-Lock to make your maintain top speeds longer, prevent muscle damage and speed recovery than anything else on the market — period. We guarantee it! Un-Lock has to be the most exciting news to hit the horse nutrition market in many years. Using a unique formula exclusive to Biomedical Research Laboratories this amazing product is guaranteed to improve performance and recovery times immediately.

  • 100% drug-free patchImprove endurance and race performance
  • Maintain top speed longer
  • Reduce cramping and tying-up
  • Prevent muscle damage and speed recovery
  • Buffers blood to dramatically lower lactic acid levels
  • Reduces heart rate during training

Because owners and trainers are more concerned than ever about the safety of dietary supplements, we want you to be 100% confident when choosing our equine supplements.Biomedical Research Laboratories is helping horses perform and recover stronger with our equine nutrition products.

To provide this assurance, we are focused on equine nutrition safety and testing our supplements to be drug free so that you can be assured your will never fail a drug test when using our products.

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